Composite Bonded Repair Demonstrator

Student : Andrew MacLean, Master student

Supervisor: Prof. Pascal Hubert

Sponsors: CRIAQ, NSERC, Bombardier, L3-MAS

As composite materials are becoming increasingly prevalent in primary and secondary commercial aircraft structures, there is an urgent need for standardized, reliable repair techniques. Some of the processing aspects of in-situ composite bonded repairs with out-of-autoclave prepreg have been investigated so far by other projects in the lab. In this project, what we have learned will be applied to perform repairs on an actual aircraft part – a 16 year old Airbus A320 elevator. The damage on the part will first be assessed with NDI techniques, then bonded scarf repairs will implemented and the final quality of the repairs will be assessed with NDI followed by destructive testing. Both out-of-autoclave prepreg and wet layup repair techniques will be investigated. Repair processing guidelines will finally be proposed.
A320 Elevator - Actual part on which will be performed repairs