Blue M Oven (24 cu ft)

30 programs multi segments
Inside Dimensions: 2’x4’x3’ (Deep x Width x Height)
Blue M Oven (18 cu ft)

Inside Dimensions: 20x25x20 (Deep x Width x Height)
Rubi saw

Wet Saw
Diamond blade Ø 14”
Cutting Length 300cm
Forcimat & Forcipol

Polisher with automated head
Nikon Microscope

Microscope with an automated stage (mosaic)
MTS Insight 5 kN

A displacement based tabletop test frame with two load cells of 5 kN and 500 N
Equipped with an extensometer and different testing fixture and grips.
MTS 100 kN

Hydraulic testing frame with a load cell capacity of 100kN with different testing fixture and hydraulic grips.
MTS 250 kN

Hydraulic testing frame with a load cell capacity of 250kN with different testing fixture.
DSC Q100

Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Temperature Range: -90°C to 550°C
Sample Size 0.5 to 100mg
TGA Q500

Temperature Range:  5°C to 1000°C
Heating Rate:  0.1 to 100°C/min
Volume Capacity: 50 uL (Platinum Pans)
Weighing Capacity: 1.0 g
Resolution: 0.1 ug
Accuracy: <= ± 0.1%
200 mg range: 0.1ug – 200 mg
1000 mg range: 1ug – 1000 mg
TMA Q400

Temperature Range: -150°C to 1000°C
Sample Height: 25mm (1in) maximum
Sample Diameter: 10mm (0.39in) maximum
Sensitivity: 15 nanometer
Displacement Range: ±2.5mm
Linearity: ±0.5%
Loading: 0.001 to 1N
Heating Rate Range: 0.01 to 200°C/min
Temperature Reproducibility: ± 2°C
Probe: Expansion, Penetration, Low Stress, Three Point Bending Test

DMA Q800

Temperature Range: -145°C to 600°C
Sample Length: 50 mm (2 in) maximum
Sample Width: 15 mm (0.6 in) maximum
Sample Thickness: Up 5 to 10 mm (depending on the clamp)
Displacement Range: 25 mm (1 in)
Loading: 0.001 to 18 N
Heating Rate Range: 0.1 to 20°C/min
Cooling Rate: 0.1 to 10°C/min
Temperature Reproducibility: ± 2°C
Isothermal Stability: ± 0.1°C above 50°C / ± 1°C below 50°C
Modulus Range: 1 kPa to 3 TPa
Modulus Precision: ± 1%
Frequency Range: 0.01 to 200 Hz
Maximum Force: 18 N
Minimum Preload Force: 0.001N
Tan Delta Range: 0.0001 to 10
Tan Delta Resolution: 0.00001
Tan Delta Sensitivity: 0.0001
Dynamic Deformation: ± 0.5 to 10 000 um
Clamps: Single and Double Cantilever, Film Tension, Three Point Bending Test, Compression, Shear
Rheometer AR 2000

Torque Range:  0.1 uNm to 200 mNm
Frequency Range : 0.12 uHz to 100 Hz
Angular Velocity Range:
      Controlled Stress: 10-8 to 300 Rad s-1
      Controlled Strain: 10-2 to 300 Rad s-1
Angular Displacement Resolution: 40 nRad
Minimum Strain: 0.00006
Normal Force Range: 1g to 5000g
Temperature Range: Room Temperature to 600°C
Maximum Ramp Rate: 25°C/min
Temperature Resolution: 0.02°C
Attachments: ETC Disposable Parallel plate, ETC
Parallel Plate, Torsion

DV-E Brookfield Viscometer

LV attachments
Viscosity range:  15cP to 2McP
Electrometer/High Resistance Meter

Keithley’s 5 1/2-digit Model 6517A Electrometer/High Resistance Meter
Resistivity Test Fixture Model 8009
High Resistance Measurement Software Model 6524
Used for electrical characterization of high resistance materials
Hydraulic Hot Press

Hydraulic Press with hydraulic hot plates (water) using Canain double zone heater.
Hot Plate Dimension: 2'x2'
Maximum Temperature: 105°C
Electrical Hot Press

Hydraulic press 30 tonnes with aluminum heated hot plates controlled by multi segment controller. Hot plate dimension 8”X12” 
Phenom Scanning Electron Microscope

Magnification: 24x to 24,000x
Imaging scale: Millimetre to nano-scale
Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box

Precise™ Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box with high vacuum transfer chamber from Labconco Corporation
Used for handling of carbon nanotubes, as part of corresponding occupational and environmental health and safety practice
Radius RTM Injection Pump 2100cc

Pressure controlled
Maximum resin capacity: 2100 cc
Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer from Steinbichler

Displacement Accuracy: 0.05um
HP Faxitron

X Ray System