Materials for Space Applications

Student: Julieta Barroeta Robles – Master’s Student

Supervisor: Prof. Pascal Hubert

Sponsors: MDA Corporation, Stelia Aerospace, CRIAQ

Spacecraft structures have specific design requirements, including high stiffness, low thermal expansion and high dimensional stability. From a performance and an economic point of view, it is important for these structures to be designed using lightweight materials. Composite materials are often used in spacecraft structures due to their high strength and stiffness to weight ratios.

The spacecraft must be designed to resist the harsh space environment. Space vacuum can cause polymer-based components to outgas, leading to the degradation of mechanical properties. However, there are several high performance resin systems available for these applications. To select an appropriate resin, factors such as ease of processing and handling, mechanical properties, and low cost need to be considered. Thus the objective of my research, along with the collaboration of MDA and Stelia Aerospace, is to investigate new resin systems to assess their suitability for the manufacturing of fibre-reinforced composite structures for space applications.