Processing Study of Composite Components Bonded Repairs

Student: Mathieu Préau - PhD Candidate

Supervisor: Prof. Pascal Hubert

Sponsors: Bombardier, L-3 Mas, NRC, CRIAQ, NSERC

While in use, composite materials aerospace structures experience damage, and are in need of repair. Because repairs often take place in a depot directly on the aircraft, bonded scarf repairs are prompted to complex manufacturing challenges. For example, the presence of ingressed moisture, localized heat application, and limited consolidation pressure available, may lead to unacceptable levels of quality and repair performance. This project aims to understand and improve the processing of bonded repairs using out-of-autoclave materials and processes.

Out of this project, a new repair method has been developed to significantly reduce porosity in the bondline, which correlates with higher strength recovery levels.

Presentations and Publications:

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