Characterization of Guided Wave Propagation in Aircraft Composite Structures


Student: Mohammad Hossein Sherafat - PhD student

Supervisor: Profs. Larry Lessard Pascal Hubert

Sponsors: Bombardier Aaerospace, L3Com, CRIAQ, NRC and MITACS

Despite enhancements in terms of specific strength and stiffness using composite structure in aerospace industry, their susceptibility to hidden damage is still a major point of concern. Structural health monitoring (SHM) has been proposed for effective inspection of aero-structures as a new version of non-destructive testing (NDT). Guided wave propagation technique as one of the best SHM approach usually makes use of piezoelectric transducers to generate Lamb waves and measures the signature of the echoes that may be influenced by defects. The objective of this research is to evaluate a variety of aircraft composite structures with/without defects using Lamb wave propagation technique. The focus is on the composite joints which are regularly used in assembled structures or repairs.  A set of standards and guidelines will be extracted from which wave propagation technique can be used for detecting damages in composite structures.

Illustration of the experimental set up (left) and a CFRP joint manufacturing with defect (right)


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  • Seven presentation papers in International Conferences (e.g. ICCM20, EWSHM 2014, IWSHM 2015, ICCST/7, ICSSD2012, CCFA-1)